Our Sales and Marketing Policy stresses on forming a partnership with our customers including offering our customers a “Striving for continuous development in product quality for the safety and satisfaction of the customers” to assist them as follows

1. Technical Support and Trouble Shooting: Our customer service and experienced engineering team are ready to assist customers in solving their technical problems.

2. Training: We can provide training either at our facility (In-House Training) or at customer’s site where our staff members are dispatched to their production line as external specialist or trainer.

3. Research & Development: Our Sales and Marketing team is ready to develop and provide services to meet customer’s needs.

4. Marketing Services: We are appreciated to cooperate in all types of marketing services and consultancy.

The Environment

The Company recognizes environmental responsibility. By applying the process of product design and manufacturing process is environment-friendly use. It also has installed waste water treatment system. Before releasing to the exterior. From the operation of such shows. Commitment of the company. In the business coupled with social responsibility.

อบรมการติดตั้งเครื่องปิดกระเป๋อง (Seam setup) ณ.บริษัท ที.ซี.ฟาร์มาซูติคอล จำกัด (กระทิงแดง) โดยทีมยังผู้ชำนาญการของ บริษัท เน็กซ์ แคน อินโนเวชั่น จำกัด